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Hymns by JDC plus instrumentals by Harpaxe and Johnguitars.
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Christian music

As a worship leader for the Church of Scotland John has written many hymns and choruses for congregational worship. The emphasis being on scriptural accuracy and ease of use. Being Scottish there is a pronounced Celtic flavour to John's recordings.

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John David Coupland | To the Church
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The story of St Columba who brought Christianity back to 
Britain after the departure of the Romans.
Instrumental music

Sounds Spanish does what it says. 20 classical guitar pieces 
for relaxing after a hard day.
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The albums, 'Birdsong after midnight,' and Birdsong after dawn' place the classical guitar over a soft rock backing to give a sound like Sky or Classical Gas. The melodies are written in the style of the great composers of the classical and romantic eras and are accessible rather than technical.
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There is also an album of traditional hymn medleys played skillfully on acoustic guitar with a light backing of cello, flute and piano entitled, 'To God be the glory.' Very useful for quiet times and to create a worshipful atmosphere before the meeting.
To God be the glory

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 'Warbirds,' is a tribute to his boyhood heroes The Shadows. Look out for plenty of clean electric twang on these toe tapping tracks named for the Allied warplanes of WW2.

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Over the years John has recorded under the names Johnguitars and Harpaxe. 

The Year album by Johnguitars is a back to basics collection of relaxing guitar tunes played on a clean mellow jazz guitar. Ideal background music for that dinner party or chill out session. 

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Folk music

This is where it all began when John first picked up a guitar. Some of these songs go back to the 70's while others were written just two years ago. Gentle finger style and some tasty strumming guide us through the hills and glens of the heart's joy's and troubles. (download)


Scotland's history in just over an hour, told in story and song. Download only from Click here